Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru

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Domestic violence in Paraguay is a social issue which impacts people from all socio-economic backgrounds. Based on the first survey on family issues looking specifically at gender, one in five people has suffered domestic violence in the country. … Read More.

Since the very beginning of COVID-19, national governments in Latin America and the Caribbean have had to navigate the uncertainties and insecurities of conducting a successful electoral process in the middle of a pandemic. Some governments have opted to continue elections as they were initially scheduled and others have delayed the process for a particular period of time and then pursued elections. …. Read More.

As most regions in the world, countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have had to face the transformational challenges and abrupt changes of conducting judicial hearings virtually. In this brief article, I will provide a snapshot of how the judicial systems in Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru have rapidly transformed themselves into virtual courts and adapted to a new reality almost no one had foreseen. What laws and protocols did they put in place in order to hold virtual court hearings right after their respective national lockdowns? How has the situation changed after national quarantines were suspended? Any trends or particularities observed? … Read More.

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Marcelo Rodriguez

Marcelo Rodríguez works as a research librarian in New York, NY. Prior to this position, he was the Research Librarian at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Acquisitions Team Lead at Columbia Law School. In the past, he has also worked in different capacities at the Central Library of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium; the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands; and the Law Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Born in Puerto Rico, he speaks Spanish and French fluently as well as reading knowledge in Hebrew and German.

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