Project Members

Since the beginning of this group, it was clear that this project was first and foremost a collective effort benefiting from the expertise, enthusiasm and passion of its members. We have gathered a group of librarians, professors, legal and regional experts with a keen interest in Latin America and the Caribbean. The names of our founding members as well as all our special contributors are as follows:

Anderson, Bianca – Miami, FL, USA

Barajas, Ramon – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Buck Kachaluba, Sarah – San Diego, CA, USA

De La Torre, Victoria – Denver, CO, USA

Delgado, Ana – Boston, MA, USA

Dina, Yemisi A. – Toronto, ON, Canada

Dos Santos, Mary Abigail – Washington, DC, USA

Fuentes, Juan Andrés – Student Member

Fuentes, María Angélica – Santiago, Chile

Grant, Julienne – Chicago, IL, USA

Isom, David – San Diego, CA, USA

Jaen, Ulysses – Naples, FL, USA

Krieger, Barbara – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Louis-Jacques, Lyonette – Chicago, IL, USA

Mello, Marília – Brasilia, Brazil

Miguel-Stearns, Teresa – Tucson, AZ, USA

Morais, Yasmin – Washington, DC, USA

Naiaretti, María Eugenia – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Navarro, Ruth – Asunción, Paraguay

Pajard, Anne – Fort-de-France, Martinique

Raymond, Jasmin – Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Reis, Daniela – São Paulo, Brazil

Rodríguez, Marcelo – New York, NY, USA

Ubillo, María Antonieta – Santiago, Chile

Villagran, Michele A. L. – San Diego, CA, USA

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