Project Members

Since the beginning of this group, it was clear that this project was first and foremost a collective effort benefiting from the expertise, enthusiasm and passion of its members. We have gathered a group of librarians, professors, legal and regional experts with a keen interest in Latin America and the Caribbean. The names of our founding members as well as all our special contributors are as follows:

Bermudez, Indira – Geneva, Switzerland
Browne, Junior S. – Bridgetown, Barbados
Buck Kachaluba, Sarah – San Diego, CA, USA
Bulkan, Janette – Vancouver, BC, Canada
Cardoso, Susana – Geneva, Switzerland
Conti, Sara – Florence, Italy
  • Conti, Sara – Florence, Italy
Dina, Yemisi A. – Toronto, ON, Canada
Fioravanti, Chiara – Florence, Italy
Floren-Romero, Marisol – Miami, FL, USA
Isom, David – San Diego, CA, USA
Kim, Sooin – Toronto, ON, Canada
Laskowski, Casandra – Durham, NC, USA
Lebrón, Jeannette – San Juan, Puerto Rico
Loumankis, Alexia – Toronto, ON, Canada
Medina Sandoval, Liliana – Lima, Peru
Miguel-Stearns, Teresa – Tucson, AZ, USA
Miranda Meruvia, Isabel – Lima, Peru
Navarro, Ruth – Asunción, Paraguay
Nuñez Picado, Lilliam – San José, Costa Rica
Pajard, Anne – Fort-de-France, Martinique
Peruginelli, Ginevra – Florence, Italy
Quiroa, Lourdes – Mexico City, Mexico
Raymond, Jasmin – Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Serrano, Samuel – San Juan, Puerto Rico

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