Accessing Brazilian Legislative and Judicial Information

When? Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 4pm (EST), 5pm (Brasilia, São Paulo).

Simultaneous interpretation available in Portuguese and English.

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  • Janice Silveira, Diretora da Biblioteca da Câmara dos Deputados, Brasil
  • João Alberto de Oliveira Lima, Analista de Informática Legislativa do Senado Federal, Brasil

Moderator: Marília Mello, Director, Library of the Federal Court 1st Region, Brazil

Rapporteuse: Daniela dos Reis

Speakers will present two separate presentations on accessing Brazilian legislative and judicial information. Silveira will give an overview of main digital law libraries of the federal judiciary and the federal legislative, with an emphasis on the types of content provided by these repositories. Next, Oliveira will talk about how access to legislative and legal information can benefit from the Institutional Theory of Law as it allows managing this information using the concept of legal institution.

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