Report on Mexico + Central America (06/19/2020)

1. What is your interest in this project? Our team at the Ave Maria Law School Library has been researching the spread and mitigation of the Coronavirus. Therefore, we decided to divide and conquer our research for Mexico and Central America between our librarians. We are an international team: Asli Karaevli is from Turkey, KatiaContinue reading “Report on Mexico + Central America (06/19/2020)”

Report on Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico (06/05/2020)

What is your interest in this project? While living in our new normal, I have found myself with more time for introspection. Thinking about how I can do more, be more present, contribute to something bigger than myself and my immediate needs. As I was struggling to define what that next step should be, IContinue reading “Report on Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico (06/05/2020)”

Report on Brazil (05/22/2020)

1. What have you noticed since the first week you began monitoring and until now? My day-to-day focus is mainly tax legal research, but I volunteered to help with this project because I am fluent in Portuguese and I was already tracking the news about COVID-19 in Brazil as most of my family still livesContinue reading “Report on Brazil (05/22/2020)”

Report on Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador (05/08/2020)

What is your interest in this project?              We know that the Latinx population in the United States is seeing a significantly steeper health and economic impact of COVID-19 than any other demographic, and I am no exception to this statistic as I have been recently laid-off from my position. Participating in this project allowsContinue reading “Report on Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador (05/08/2020)”

Publications and Presentations

Publications: 07/2020. Law librarians monitor how Latin America and the Caribbean are responding to┬áCovid-19 by Ulysses Jaen. RIPS Law Librarian Blog. 06/2020. A Duty to Monitor and Share: What Law Librarians Can Do to Relate Information Around COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean by Ana Delgado. AALL’s New Voices. 05/2020. Law Librarians Working TheContinue reading “Publications and Presentations”