Argentina, Chile, Uruguay

COVID-19 Reports: No. 69: Access to Information on Elections (Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador): Review by Evelyn Lagos and Antonieta Ubillo (October 31, 2021) No. 64: Access to Women’s Rights in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay: Review by Barbara Krieger (September 27, 2021) Access to Information on Elections (Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador) – 9 September 2021 Access to Women’sContinue reading “Argentina, Chile, Uruguay”

Report on CARICOM + OECS (04/24/2020)

1. What is Your Interest in the Project? I am from the Caribbean (Jamaica, to be specific), and while many family members reside in the United States, Canada and the UK, I still have relatives, friends, and colleagues living and working throughout the Caribbean. I had responded to an earlier post from Marcelo on theContinue reading “Report on CARICOM + OECS (04/24/2020)”

Report on Argentina, Chile, Uruguay (04/10/2020)

1. What is your interest in this project? I joined this project because I was interested in learning more about how other countries, specifically in South America, are dealing with this global epidemic. My interest in the country’s perspective is to both publish our findings and research in scholarly publications and present at future conferences.Continue reading “Report on Argentina, Chile, Uruguay (04/10/2020)”

Report on Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru (03/20/2020)

1. What is your interest in this project? I created this project because, like a lot of you, I have family, friends and professional colleagues throughout Latin America and the Caribbean region. Furthermore, I think it’s important in this moment of global crisis affecting every single one of us to also be aware of whatContinue reading “Report on Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru (03/20/2020)”